Just hours after the event took place which saw the Nexus 5 announced, Google has now listed some cases for it. The only dilemma here is that they are not yet available to be purchased, even though the actual device is as of right now.

The cases will fit both the 16Gb and the 32GB version. The only difference with these is internally and not externally.

There’s a red case which looks really neat right now and it can be seen if you head over to the Google Play store. There is no talk one when they will be made ready to be bought, but one can only expect it to be soon since the mobiles are already flying out the door, and in some cases, sold out.

The colors in the line-up include yellow, black and gray.

The bumper cases create a nice little pocket in which the device will sit inside. It will still leave the front of the phone completely open to be touched by hand, so there is little protection for the screen if it was to land the wrong way. However, if you drop if and it lands on any of the other sides it will have nice protection. There is no other side which the phone can be seen. It will be covered in the hard plastic cover.