Several companies now have Smartwatches, but one we didn’t expect to be joining the wrist party was Qualcomm. Usually a name we associate with hardware and processors, Qualcomm has decided to bring out its own version for $349 called the Toq with a “Q”.

Keeping the tradition square style, but gaining arguably more futuristic styling points, this one looks very much the part. They’ve done a great job on the styling front as you can see from the pictures.

The one thing that makes a good Smartwatch is what it can do for you, and not just how well does it look on you like a normal watch would be. In this case, it will be compatible with most Android’s running Ice Cream Sandwich or above. Most handsets are in line with that, and if yours is running something older like Gingerbread, chances are there is an upgrade out there for you may not be aware of. With that said, it seems like this company has all things thought of.

Specs have this one sitting pretty much in between what we are expecting to see from the two different Apple iWatches coming next year, sometime during Q3 of 2014. Those two sizes differentiate between men and women, whereas this is made just for the one shared between them. This one will be 1.55 inches big and come with a Mirasol transflective screen.

We’ve noticed different sites displaying a few different pictures that have noticeably different looks. no word on whether they will be coming in different styles. The one that looks by far and away the nicest that we’ve laid eyes on is the white/silver looking one. The other popular image comes in black (featured), and that one looks not as nice.

It will compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Sony Smartwatch 2. This company may even be able to produce another watch for next year before we see the Cupertino companies one be revealed. For that reason, the extra pricey price tag is interesting to note. It does look every bit the part for that amount of coin mind you.

Via: Qualcomm