Nokia HERE is a service purely by Nokia that has extended to the likes of Windows Phone and others that run under the Nokia name.

After Microsoft acquired Nokia it will soon be Windows way of having their own maps service, and it is highly underrated. Many people probably wouldn’t even know the name purely because not that many people have the handsets, but those that do will tell you that the service is nearly as good as any and could easily rival the best like Google maps.

Check out Alex’s apparent “superpower” in the new commercial made for TV below. If you haven’t guessed already the power doesn’t exactly come naturally, but rather through the map service.

It won’t go down as one of the best ads of all time, but it does do a good job and creating a level of intrigue about what it is, especially if you haven’t seen it before. It also says all the things it is capable of in quick succession.

There’s three of them all up and all are brand new, hot off the press. We’ve also posted them to when they were made.