Sprint are doing a fantastic job at keeping their smartphones and tablet update to date for being the United State’s third largest phone carrier network with over 50,000 subscribers. That reputation stays the same today as they dish out a fresh Android 4.4.2 KitKat update namely the L600VPUBNI3 build. The new iteration will renew the most popular number on the KitKat software that already came with loads of features including all the white status bar with WiFi, battery and signal strength icons, revamped landscape keyboard, wireless printing, new Emoji menu and more.

The build we have here brings in additional features such as a new HD voice icon, patches for security breaches found in the previous build and support for free international WiFi calling so you can connect with family and friends located overseas much easier. For more on WiFi calling you can ping the query into our search box or head back out to Google’s main menu and look it up from there.

KitKat figure

The Samsung Galaxy Mega comes in three different variants including the mega 5.8, 6.3 and the mega 2. Do not confuse this staged roll-out with the second-generation smartphone since that is the wrong one this time. What we have here is for the original. Correspondingly, knowing how old this handset is we are not 100% positive it will see the newfangled Android l 5.0 that is currently out as a developer preview. The second-gen handset under the same name would be at better odds.

Don’t forget to be patient when waiting for software updates arriving OTA since they happen in stages and nobody gets them at the same time. Since so many people are subscribed it is ticking over the inbox’s very fast, but for each individual it seems like a lifetime. The software can take days or even weeks to reach all people. You will receive a notification alerting you when it is ready for installation on your device. Alternatively, users can navigate their way over to the Settings app and tap on the “About” tab followed by Software Update. Now check for any updates that are coming in over the air.

Consider backing up the market applications, phone contacts, videos, photos and picture galleries before starting the installation. If you need a factory reset it will wipe the data stored on the smartphone. Therefore, you will be left with nothing and it will seem like it just came out of the box. It’s worth noting that data loss is not expected and all backing up is just a standard precautionary measure. Furthermore, you should understand that updates result in high data traffic over the mobile network and that results in a less stable experience for users making them more prone to requiring the factory resets. You want to tap into the home WiFi network and download it that way for a faster and more stable connection.