By now we all know what Android 4.3 has in store for us: A smooth Rom, smoother than any other before it, some extra features like Google Now and Google wallet, plus a few secret and hidden cool things you can check out, one of which is in the about phone section.

4.4 KitKat has been out for months now, and if this Smartphone was any newer, it would be frustrating that we are still talking about what is now known as the tail end of the jelly bean experience.

Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3

This phone is getting so old now that there really isn’t any news happening with it at all. If you look at it from that way, then it’s kind of cool that the carriers are still deciding to bring out updates for it. They should continue to come out longer down the track because this was the flagship in its day and heaps of people have it because of that reason. If shoppers were to see that it stops getting updated then they might hesitate to buy the newer model when it comes out, so it’s important from a phone carrier perspective, as well as a manufacturer perspective, that they get it right so that everybody is happy. I say happy, but the truth is that we all know everyone would prefer the chocolate variety by now, but you won’t be upset that you’re not.

There’s not a great deal that is new with this Android 4.3 unless you are doing a big jump up with something much older like the 4.1. If you were on the 4.2 most things are the same. They have shifted Google Now away from the lock screen. However, the app can be put back there if you were somebody who was fond of it there, that isn’t a problem. Just move the widget the same way you would normally do it, and it will move for you.

Some people really didn’t like the old sounds and one of them was from the lock screen. You’ll notice a new sound that is heard here now, and the same thing happens for when the battery runs low, only it will be a different sound. If you listen to them at a similar time, you will be able to hear that they do go well with one another. I don’t really like what they have done. To me, it sounds like a video game, but I can also understand the thought process behind it. For example: they have made the sound go for long enough that you will hear it. One thing you don’t want to have is a sound that is so short that you miss it all together. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you have one that is too long then suddenly people hate it and find it annoying. Finding the happy medium is difficult.

You can pick up your copy if it from here. There are a few different sources that have become available for this one which is really great because one of the main issues is that over time it can go down. Now that there is several we should always be able to replace it with something that works as long as they all don’t go down. For now we have checked and can verify that this link given will run the way you want it to.

You will need to use Odin to install it just like you would need it to load any firmware for Android. The Odin 3.07 is the one you want to use this time. If you haven’t done it before, it’s always a good idea to pick up a guide which many sites blog about so that you don’t make any mistakes.

If manual installation isn’t something you want to do then there is also the Samsung KIES option, as well as the over the air when it arrives as a notification. As most people know by now, that can take a long time and comes at random which many guys would rather skip.