One of the biggest annoyances in technology is the amount of confusion it can bring up. A big part of this is companies such as Motorola changing their minds after we think we know something. They can’t always be blamed because understandably things can change over time, and it can still be better off for them to do so, but they need to realize the negative impact it has.

The Moto X was a U.S only phone. It’s manufactured over in the states and Google had always announced it as a United States only phone. For overseas, there was a cheaper, watered down model made. This phone was never given a name. Then we have the Moto G named as the next bit of work from both companies that would be a cheaper version of the Moto X. Naturally, you would think that this was the phone that they were talking about, only it seems as though it’s being launched in the U.S., and there is no word that is the case at all.

At the same time that the Moto G is coming, Motorola has now come out to say that the Moto X might actually be coming around the world to everywhere. A contributing factor to this could be a representative came out just the other day to announce rather lackluster sales figures for the Moto X, and this had disappointed. Only 500,00 units were sold during Q3 of 2013. That number is well down on what they would have hoped for.

Earlier this week we saw all the other main carriers around America take on the Moto Maker option, a way for customers to customize the devices. It even now comes with an engraving option so that consumers can curve in the back anything they like as a design.

The G, which launches this coming Wednesday has been given lots of hype, all of which it is expected to live up to. It should quickly pave the way to be the face of the entry-level phone and for some time.