I want to clear the cache on the Moto G Power’s Android operating system/software. How do I do that? Resolution:

The following tutorial demonstrates how to clear the cache on the Moto G Power.

The cache on the Moto G Power is there to help you browse the operating system as quickly as possible. However, the downside to having cache is that it can fetch you a version of a page that isn’t up to date. Another drawback to the cache is that it over time it can decrease performance if some files become corrupted. While these caveats are rare, they can happen. Thankfully, Android makes it possible for you to always be able to clear the cache. And in fact, many Android experts periodically clear the cache to sidestep any potential issues.

There are three ways to clear the Moto G Power cache. The one you chose will depend on the cache you want to clear. You can clear the browser cache (for web browsing), the app cache (for apps), and the system cache partition. The latter is for developers who may need to clear temporary system files.

Method One: How to Clear Moto G Power Browser Cache

Google Chrome is the default browser on Android. You can clear the Chrome cache to improve web browsing performance and to ensure you are seeing the latest versions of the web pages. Here is how to do that:

1. Open the Google Chrome app.

2. Tap on the three-dotted Settings icon in the top right corner of the browser.

3. Scroll down the Settings Menu and tap History, followed by Clear browsing data.

Note: You can choose how long ago you would like to clear the browser cache, similar to the choice you get when deleting the browser history.

4. Select the boxes you would like to clear the cache for, ensuring you select Caches images and files.

5. Tap on the Clear data button.

You can now close the Settings and continue using the Chrome browser.

Method Two: How to Clear Moto G Power App Cache

You can clear the cache of the apps installed on your device. This is the cache you want to clear if you notice caching problems with apps rather than webpages via the browser. Here is how to clear the app cache:

1. Open the Android Settings Menu.

2. Tap on Storage.

3. Tap on the Internal Storage link under the Device Storage heading.

4. Tap on Cached data.

5. Before Android deletes the cache, it shows a confirmation box that says: “Caches for all apps will be cleared. Clear?” Tap on the OK button.

You can now exit the Settings and continue using your smartphone.

Method Three: How to Clear Moto G Power System File Cache

Developers are often interested in clearing the system file cache within Android. Note that this is not required for everyday Android users and should be avoided by non-Android experts. If you are a developer, here is how to do that:

1. Starting with the smartphone off, hold the Power and Volume Down buttons and release the buttons when Fastboot is on the screen.

2. Select Recovery Mode from the Fastboot Menu. (Navigate with the Volume buttons and confirm your selection with the Power button.)

3. From the Android Recovery screen, select Wipe Cache Partition using the same Volume and Power buttons.

4. Select Reboot System Now.

You can now use the Android operating system after it boots up.

In conclusion, that is how to clear the cache on the Moto G Power smartphone.