Applications helps us do variety of operations from clicking our favourite pictures to substitutions for hardware keys. Not only this, it aids us in making our life more reliable and comfortable. So here is Tech Chomps with a list on the most innovative Apps for Android. It includes the most functional apps in a different way. These apps help you to do numerous tasks from helping someone out to be productive.

Aspects on which Apps were classified

So, what is innovative to you? Something which is different and does something exceptionally well with a new idea. Right?

Well, we also classified the apps on some basis:

1. The functionality of the app.

2. UI/UX Design of the app.

3. Does the app fulfills the requirements correctly as described?

4. How does it benefits the user community?

We’ve examined the apps based on the above criteria. So geeks, what are you waiting for, scroll your mouse now!

Touch N Sync(Free)

Is your device stolen or battery drained out? But still want to get access to the contact list? Worry not! Touch N Sync is here for rescue. In order to do this you just need to download this to your mobile phone and send a SMS to 56161 with and it will get your contacts back. Also, you can sync contacts from multiple devices and its completely free with no advertisements.

Touch N Sync- Most Innovative App For Android
Touch N Sync-


Word Lens(Free)

Been in a foreign country? You must have experienced reading those weird language. So to cure this problem, there is an app called Word Lens which lets you scan the page/board using your phone camera and translates the language of your request.  Google has acquired the app and combined in Google Translate app. You can see some examples of translation below in the screenshots.

WordLens-Most Innovative App For Android

WordLens-Most Innovative App For Android

Knock for Android(Free)

This is an app that simulates SMS coming as incoming calls so the user takes the SMSes more seriously. For example you ask you friend, “Did Brazil win? or Are you coming on dinner?” it will send your friend who has installed this app a SMS in a form of overlaid incoming call and you get an answer pretty. And there’s a quick reply option with ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Knock for Android-Most Innovative App For Android


Got exams huh? Well, you’re easily distracted by social media apps and the Internet? Forest is an Android App that lets you stop procrastinating,be productive and focus on the work. What it does is emotionally blackmail you with a tree that keeps growing on and on until you stop the app and switch over to other. See the screenshots to s

Forest-Most Innovative App For Android


WTF? I can solve this little mathematics sum! How stupid I am? Well, if this what you say to yourself, this app will completely change it. This app enables you to perform various mathematical sum with your phone’s camera. It can solve basic arithmetics, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations and several functions like logarithms. Its developers are constantly adding new features to it. Also, it details the steps involved in solving the question.

PhotoMath- Most Innovative App For Android


Tired of gentle reminders of various alarm apps? Wait……This is the app you’ve been looking for. What this app does is humiliates you using Facebook? Humiliates me, through Facebook? How is this possible? This unique Android app posts on your Facebook timeline regarding your waking up failure. It also includes this for appointments and other goals. So, do your friends want to know that you pressed the snooze button 10 times before you finally woke up?

BetterMe-Most Innovative Apps For Android

Tasker($ 3.25) Free Alternative=Llama

You probably know this app. This app automates all the process that you can imagine. It helps you create profiles from which you can automate and perform various tasks. The icing on the cake is that it doesn’t requires usage of internet.

Taker- Most Innovative Apps For Android


Bottom Line

So what do you think of this ‘Most Innovative Apps For Android’ list? Any more app you’d like to mention in this list? Or any other query? Let me know in the comments section below!



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