Entering download mode is a must if you plan to unbrick, upgrade or downgrade your device. You can also fix some common Android based problem like lags, bugs, boot loops and force shutdowns by using some troubleshooting tricks. You’ll see that this post is further linked up in other posts related to the Samsung Galaxy J. Anyway, if you are entering the download mode to manually update or downgrade your device, I suggest that you make a backup of all your important stuff. You can manually do it to an SD card or a computer, make a backup on the Cloud or use dedicated app to back up your text messages, call logs, contacts, music, videos, photos, files and notes etc.

This tutorial will work for both stock and custom recovery images and ROMS. However, if you have a root device, the root access will be revoked. The most important part to note is the fact that entering the download mode will never void your warranty. Your warranty will still be intact. Hence, the process is official, simple and non-risky.

Samsung Galaxy J

I will tell you three different procedures. All of them are equallt effective and you can apply them accorfing to your circumstances.

Using the hardware buttons

The hardware buttons are the most easiest and seamless method to enter download mode on your device. Its safe and easy as pie.

  1. Shut down your device. You can do that by pressing the power button and selection the power off option from the menu on your display
  2. You can also turn it off by holding the power button long enough for it to be completely turned off.
  3. Wait for a few seconds till your phone is completely powered off.
  4. Now, press and hold down the Home, Volume Down and the Power keys all at the same time.
  5. Release it when the download mode menu is displayed on your screen.

Using the Android Software Development Kit

This method utilizes a USB cable and a PC with the requisite drivers installed on it. Click here to download and install SDK on your PC. Once you have ensured that the driver are up and running, you need to enable the USB debugging option on your device. For that you need to head to Settings>About Phone> Build Number. Tap on the Build Number Option 7 to 8 times. You will gain access to developer rights. Now, head to settings>developer options. Enable the USB debugging option from there. Last, but surely not the least, make sure that your Samsung device has 70% battery to it. If not, then plug-in the charger. It is observed that the device dies out in the middle of the process if the battery is any less. If this happens, you may end up messing something up with your device. So make sure you have enough battery.

Once you have made all the preparations, follow these steps to enter download mode

  1. Make a secure connection of between the device and the PC. Use the dedicated USB for that.
  2. Now, open Android Software development Kit folder on your PC.
  3. On any blank space, press the right-click on your mouse and the shift key on your keyboard, both at the same time, to open a command prompt window.
  4. Now you need to type the command “adb reboot download”
  5. You have commanded your device to enter download mode. Wait while it boots to the download mode.

Using an Application

This method is used with the help of the dedicated app from the Google Play store. But for this method, you need to ensure the root access. Click here to make sure root access for your device. Once you have done that, follow these step. (Skip it if already have a rooted device)

  1. On your smartphone, open up Google Play app.
  2. In the search box, type “Quick Memo”
  3. Download and install the application.
  4. Run it and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Your device will automatically boot into the download mode.

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