Microsoft came out and announced that the latest Windows 8.1 would make its way to the Windows Stores on the 18th of October. A day later, on the 18th, retail devices would then start to see the update rolling out.

Ahead of this period, it’s normal for companies to push out these updates to manufacturers. Today we have learned that these seeds have officially begun, just short of two months before the official release. It will then give the manufacturers enough time to roll out the devices for the date ahead.

What does the update have in store for us all?

Users can expect to find the much-anticipated Internet Explorer 11 browser which by far and away will be the most talked about feature this Autumn. On top of that there will be performance upgrades in general.

Our favourite feature set to come in this update is the Metro style logo that Microsoft has run for the start-screen after booting. There are also rumors of “boot to desktop” being brought in and people have mixed feelings about that.