Microsoft Edge is the new default web browser to use in Windows 10. It has been specifically designed for cutting edge performance over Microsoft’s older web browser, Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Edge gets its name from the new Edge rendering technology under the hood, though that is soon about to change when Microsoft switches to Chromium instead. Google Chrome is based on Chromium. Since Google Chrome has so much browser market share over Microsoft Edge, IE, and other browsers, developers are specially designing code for Chromium. This is causing Edge rendering to fall behind and not offer users as fluent of a web browsing experience for some websites. The changes that Microsoft makes to its Edge browser in future will all happen in software updates that you won’t even notice. Edge is also keeping its same name and will continue being available as an icon from your taskbar, just like it always has been.

Starting from Windows 10 build 15007, Microsoft has updated the Web Notes application to include the same Windows Ink experience that you’ve already had from other apps such as Photos and Maps. Without making any changes to Windows at all, you can now tap on your stylus pen to be presented with a full set of Windows Ink colors, as well as find the new slider that has been available in Windows Ink since Windows 10 build 14986.

This tutorial demonstrates how to make a Web Note on webpages when you’re using the Microsoft Edge web browser in a version of the Windows 10 operating system.

How to Make a Web Note on webpages in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

1. Open the Microsoft Edge web browser application.

2. Open the webpage that you want to make a web note on and then click on the Web note icon in the browser’s menu.

3. To Use the Pen to Write on the Webpage

a. Click once on the Pen icon and then select your color that you would like to use as you draw.

b. Use the mouse or trackpad to draw on the computer’s display.

4. To Use the Highlighter on the Webpage

a. Click on the Highlighter icon and then choose the color you would like to use to highlight text on the webpage, as well as the transparency.

b. Use the mouse or trackpad to highlight the parts of the page you want to emphasize.

5. To Use Eraser to Clear Pen and Highlighter marks on Webpage

b. Click on the Eraser icon and then click and drag it over the areas that you would like to undo your work.

This will only erase the highlighting and drawing that you’ve done on top of the webpage and not the webpage itself.


b. Alternatively, you can double-click on the Eraser icon instead and choose to Erase all ink that is on the page, and it’ll all be deleted at the same time.

6. To Add Typed Note on Webpage

a. Click on the Note icon and then click anywhere on the computer’s display that you would like to leave a note.

b. Click inside the white space to begin typing the note.

If you make a mistake with the positioning of the note, which is common, you can click on the Bin button in the bottom right corner of the note to delete it.

7. To Use Clip to Copy an Outlined area on Webpage to Windows Clipboard

a. Click on the Clip icon and then click and drag the area that you would like to outline on the webpage.

When you release the mouse/trackpad, it will automatically copy to the clipboard.

8. To Save Web Note

a. Click on the Save icon.

b. Choose whether you would like to save the web note to OneNote, the Favorites, or Reading List, and then click on the Save button.

9. To Share Web Note

a. Click on the Share button.

b. Choose the app you would like to share the web note with.

10. To Exit Web Note

a. Click on the Exit button.

That’s all.