Android Lollipop is the latest version of Android software mobile owners can run on any Android device. It’s been highly successful thus far with loads of features making it better than the older KitKat. Inside users find a new material design UI, material design app drawer, updated fun Easter Egg, Android RunTime (ART) replacing Dalvik, Android Beam, smart notifications with many notification options and more. Now Google is pushing out a new 5.0.1 software update over the air for some device that delivers some bug fixes and performance improvements over the earlier 5.0 version. The latest to join the list of devices finding 5.0.1 is the Moto G.

The new firmware update for Moto G owners is rolling to everyone, regardless of your phone carrier network. You’ll find it coming over the air (OTA), so a notification arrives automatically letting you know when it’s ready to install for you. Note that OTA’s roll out to consumers in periods, thus it’s normal to find others with the file ready before you. Stay patient because it is coming. The new firmware build number is LXB22.46-25 and the system version is 220.21.25. The file size is roughly 50 MB’s.

Moto G

Even though the total file size is small, you should still try installing the firmware using the WiFi. Stay off the mobile data plan when you can to avoid the excess data charges if you go over your allocated amount. Furthermore, the networks are congested with mobile traffic from others installing the same as you. High traffic means instability over the network.

Furthermore, the 220.21.25 software update is coming for the first-generation Moto G owners and the second-generation. Nobody is left out. Since it’s reaching so many people it may take weeks before it finds everybody’s inbox.

If you are away from the home WiFi you can put the file on hold for later and stopover at Settings > About phone > System updates > Check for updates. Those wanting to accept the file right away can tap the “download,” followed by “install now” option on the display.

Those erring on the side of caution will prefer to back up the existing data if you are forced into applying a factory reset. You can back up by using the built-in backup functionality, or by installing any number of suitable apps from Google Play. Helium is popular among Droid users this year.

The official OTA file is not available for manual flashing yet.