Nokia X series smartphones start getting custom ROMs but still there is no custom ROM for Nokia X and XL with which you can have Android Lollipop feel on your phone. But your wait is over; now you can taste some Android Lollipop with your device. Today I will tell you a way with which you can make CM 10 based custom ROM (ask custom ROM developer for that) almost look like Android Lollipop.

For this, you need your phone, a USB cable, and your phone. Also on your phone there should be a custom recovery and custom ROM installed (CM 10 based, ask the developer for it) because this is a theme pack that only works o custom ROM. I will recommend TWRP custom recovery for installing this theme on your phone.


Backup, all of your relevant data, as if anything wrong happens then your data should stay safe. Sync your contacts to your google account or export them to your SD card so you can have them back later.

This theme won’t affect your phone at any performance level; it just improves UI of your phone. If your ROM has any bugs on it, then it will stay there.

Click here to download and install Lollipop theme on Nokia X/XL.