In the year 2014 technology companies such as Apple and Android are going to play a big part in trying to improve our health. It comes after they announced that they considered it an obligation to do a better job at it because the one things that is easy to criticize with our tech is that it does make us more lazy instead of active. Of course, it could also be since one of the reasons wearables such as smartwatches can become useful is because of their fitness capabilities.

Anyhow, we know that Apple are yet to reveal what the iWatch is bring to the table but we do know that Android already have a stable foundation going with the Lifelog App. Sony first made Lifelog release alongside the Sony smartband, and it is updated to a new version namely 2.0.A.0.12 and it brings lots of new things to the table that we didn’t have before.

Lifelog app


Sony considers this application more than just a fitness gimmick because as the name suggests it will keep track of your whole life even though the result is obviously for fitness reasons. It will keep track of entertainment, communication and physical activity. From what we can tell people use it for the latter more than anything else. It works beautifully with SmartBand SWR10 because it relies on sensor technology built-in the hardware to gather some data just like it does from the Sony smartphone. There are other imitations of this app under a different name available for iOS, but it is not the same app. because the Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation only cater for Android-based operating systems when they release phones they didn’t extend it out to Apple’s software. We don’t blame them either because Apple refuses to continue what they do outside of their own brand name.

This new version namely v2.0.A.0.12 comes with activity recognition, changes in activities for Xperia-based handsets, a male and female avatar, extended activity box options and the ability to delete a single action.

I’ve taken a look over at the official link from Google Play that I’ve dropped below for you to download from and several comments are talking about a battery consumption problem where it drains faster than what it should. That tells me we might be seeing another update in the near future that fixes it. If you don’t run out of battery when using it normally then, it shouldn’t be a problem for you now either. Likewise, it isn’t necessarily going to be a problem for most of you, and it will only be an issue for a select few because bugs don’t extend out to everyone. If you want to take the gamble then you can download from the link below otherwise hold off until we see a newer updated version that will come shortly.

The one thing about reviews or comments is that we can’t see the date of when they become available to see. Because it is showing up as the last comments, I can only conclude that they are talking about this new addition and not the older firmware build.

The update comes in on the 23rd of June, and it only carries 7.8 MB in size. If we compare that to smartphones updates, it is small but for a single application that is a big update. You do not need to be of mature age to install it but being older than a child is preferable because they might find it difficult to use. This new software already has over 100,00 downloads so far.

Download Sony Lifelog app v2.0.A.0.12 from the Play Store here.

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