If you use any of our guides here on the site you may be familiar with the two words “Google Drive” because I often recommend it as a service to use if your device is running out of internal or external memory solutions. Drive offers cloud storage, and it is an excellent way to store all your personal data that you couldn’t backup otherwise because the internal storage and SD card room just wasn’t there. It lets you save all of the same things including video, photos and documents although we still prefer to sync the contacts elsewhere.

Google Drive is updated to version, and it comes with bug fixes so that if you did encounter any problem in the last build that you thought to yourself this isn’t right, it most likely would have a solution in this new software. That means that after you download and install the update it won’t cause you any problems as it once did. It doesn’t stop there either; this version of Drive also has visual tweaks that improve the design over the last one. People will also find improved performance and stability so browsing will be faster, more accurate, and there will be fewer problems along the way.

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Android strives for creating better software as time goes on throughout all of it’s products whether it be apps or operating system firmware. It’s true a big part of more modern additions is features, but performance is a focal point in everything they do. With that being said, it’s always a good idea to keep up to date because the end users such as yourself will have a better time and overall experience when using the application. Furthermore, there’s no way to keep your files more secure than to continually update when available so it’s always a good idea to upgrade to new versions when they become available for that reason alone even though nobody has mentioned anything here.

Google Drives comes with 15 GB of free storage before it becomes a paid service. Don’t let that put you off trying it because you think it will scam you of money somewhere because 15 GB’s of space is a lot. From a different viewpoint, many smartphones only come with 16 GB built-in. Lots of that 16 is taken up naturally with the Android-based OS, programs and system apps so that it reduced to well under ten even though it sounds like you would have the full amount to start off. That gives people a false sense of how much 16 is after all.

If you already are using Drive, you can head to the Google Play Store here and download the most original version namely It will install itself over the top of the older copy. Alternatively everyone can download the APK file here, and it will work just the same. If you don’t have it already, you will need to sign up properly.

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