Indian owners of the LG G Pro E988 smartphone are beginning to receive the Android 4.4.2 KitKat coming in as a notification. There isn’t much to say because the Life’s Good guys didn’t announce or release a change-log for the new build and in fact, I can’t even find a build number on the screen. It does give a couple of interesting details that are different an a screenshot that we find with other carriers, and phone manufacturers so I’ll quickly run over what they were.

It announces that it is indeed a software update and then gives the device owner an opportunity to accept the download straight away or press later. By pressing later the notification is gone away, and now the user needs to navigate to Settings>About Phone> Software Update and manually let it search and then confirm the download. It will not come again as another notification.

LG Optimus G

The other interesting option is the chance to pick between the “any network” except 2G and the WiFi network. We always recommend doing it over the home WiFi and a lot of the US-based manufacturers do too. However, it seems the Indian handsets are more than happy to let people download using the mobile data plan as long as the owner knows that it may come with extra charges if it isn’t already worked out in your contract. That is, of course, one of the main reason we always recommend starting the installation when the users gets home because the home network is giving more GB’s for a cheaper price, and mobile GB data comes with limits. If people go over the limit, the costs can skyrocket. The other main factor is the stability. When we are sometimes travelling, our service can drop out, and we want successfully to finish installing this update without that happening.

It says it comes with one enhancement of Android OS upgrade which obviously we know that already. The rest of the acquired facts on the screen says V20c-JUN-20-2014. I mentioned earlier about the two ways users can download it and the last bit of information I want to leave you with: the file size is 684.12 MB. That means it is well over half a GB which is a lot. Unless you have that kind of space work with the WiFi option.

Android 4.4.2 KitKat comes with lots of great features and improvements. It has cloud printing, immersive mode, new Emoji, improved landscape keyboard, camera app located on the lock screen, altered Hangouts app, white status bar icons, new notification tray font, better battery life and more.

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