Today we are kissing goodbye to the QuickOffice Suit and seeing some of it’s features become integrated inside the Docs ecosystem instead. The news brings additional document editing features and brings support for editing and creating Microsoft Word documents plus a whole lot more I’ll dabble into after the jump.

While it does have it’s critics, Google Docs is one of the greatest ways to keep on top of responsibilities even without an internet connection to browse the world wide web. As soon as you click the link you can see one comment in particular that asks why keep building new apps, some people clearly are not a fan. Others have a lot nicer words to say and admit that it keeps getting better as time goes forward. In my opinion, this applications works correctly with Google Drive and does offer great ways for people to share content and create content together over Android devices.

Vic Google Plus


The new update namely only comes with performance improvements and bug fixes according to the official app page. However, reading around the web people are mentioning a few additional features that make this attractive. According to Android Source, there is a lot to do with the English language and grammar inside. People can add words to the dictionary easier; the dictionary permissions have changed, and they’re significant upgrades to the spell-check and auto-correct software.

The new version started rolling out on the 1st of July, and there is no official file size given because it varies with the device. For that reason, I recommend installing this over the home WiFi connection just in case the file is bigger than your liking, and it chews up the mobile data when downloading.

The Android L developer preview is open for developers since June 26, and this new build comes with Android L support so people can use both without any hassles. There’s also changes to the UI for a new look and other goodies including fewer icons in the action bar.

Download Google Docs for Android free from The Google Play Store.


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