LG Fortune 3The LG Fortune 3 comes with a hidden menu section that shows each of the following additional menus: device test, ORT test, SVC menu, and field test.

The SVC menu is one of the most common to open on this hidden menu. The SVC menu is short for the Service menu and it’s where you can run automatic service tests and check the test results. However, many valuable tests can be run from each menu. You can test the ringtones, vibrators, NFC, cameras, and more.

This tutorial demonstrates how to find the hidden menu on the LG Fortune 3

LG Fortune 3 Hidden Menu

You can open the LG Fortune 3 hidden menu from the About Phone section in the Settings app. Here is how to do that:

1. With the LG Fortune 3 turned on, tap Settings > About Phone > Hardware info.

2. Note the model number in the Hardware info section.

3. Open the phone dialer and enter the following code:


4. The hidden menu will then appear.

In conclusion, that is how to open the hidden menu on the LG Fortune 3 smartphone.