LG Phoenix 5If you want to wipe all data at once and return your device to its factory settings, you can take a hard reset. A hard reset is also known as a master reset, factory reset, and formatting the device. Every Android operating system running on a smartphone can be hard reset. If you wanted to hard reset to solve software-related issues and they persist, check for a new software update instead. A new firmware version will solve it.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to hard reset the LG Phoenix 5 smartphone.

How to Hard Reset LG Phoenix 5

You can hard reset the LG Phoenix 5 from the System section of the Settings app. Here is where to find it:

Hard resetting the LG Phoenix 5 smartphone wipes all data from the device. Thus, if you want to restore the data later, you need to back up the smartphone before starting this guide.

1. With the LG Phoenix 5 turned on, tap Settings > System > Restart & Reset.

2. Tap Factory Data Reset.

3. Tap Reset settings.

Your LG Phoenix 5 smartphone will now be restored to its default factory settings. Those who were troubleshooting can restore the data now. Those selling the smartphone will not want to restore the data.

In conclusion, that is how to hard reset the LG Phoenix 5 smartphone.