LG has come out with an over the air update to the Optimus G Pro. It’s a pretty cool upgrade if you are into the camera and video side of things. If you aren’t into that, then there is literally nothing for you to get excited about.

The only features this bring with it are the dual camera function, smart video and pause and resume recording. The one thing I really want to talk about is the smart video. You may or may not have seen the TV commercials where a guy is sitting down watching sports on his Samsung mobile with his baby in his arms. Well, he falls asleep and as his eyes close, the game he is watching stops. He woke back up and he never missed anything and he’s good to continue watching again. This is exactly what this cool new feature does. When the users’ eyes look away, or close, it can sense it and it will pause it so you don’t miss anything. As I mentioned, that was a Samsung device that had it first. Now it seems to be doing the rounds on LG devices. I wonder how many will have it a few months from now?

This will not upgrade your Android Jelly Bean or anything like that. It is purely about enhancing those features listed above. When the mobile can expect some new firmware is currently anyone’s guess.

This is rolling out via OTA as we speak, however, if you want to upgrade manually check back in for the guide on how to do that a bit later. Just what regions it is rolling out into the settings is currently unclear.

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