We are watching Samsung open up the Android markets by introducing much more than just the Galaxy S5 this year. Yes, they already had others, but none had the significance of opening up the mid-range space like we are witnessing from the fresh A-series with the A3, A5 and A7 handsets soon to be announced. Additionally, they brought in the Galaxy Alpha to tackle the high-end and satisfy those looking for a more premium finish on their flagships.

What one company does the rivals will soon follow to take back some of what is theirs. HTC is now introducing a new “Eye” series that has at least two brand new smartphones that we know. They include the Desire Eye to step up from the standard HTC Desire and also the One M8 Eye to overshadow the stock M8 flagships that came out early this year. We already know a lot about these smartphones including a 13 megapixel strong front-facing camera for the selfies.

Red Desire Eye

More specifically, we told you about the Galaxy Grand Prime that has its own dedicated “selfie” camera and not much else to go with it. That is tackling the emerging markets in the Indian region. We suspect the same thing is happening here from HTC. We don’t want to play favorites, but if you look at the specs on the cameras alone it’s easy to see which one comes out on top. Furthermore, according to sources these handsets don’t have much else going for them.

HTC are planning a ‘Double Exposure’ event held later this week on the 8th of October. We suspect that is the time we see the unveiling of these two smartphones and potentially more.
The source import website tells us the date, HS code, descriptions, origin country, discharging ports, units quantity and value per unit. That means we can notice the cost of the handset straight up minus what might be added on for tax reasons. The top-end Eye of the M8 is costing Rs. 27,035 and the mid-range Desire is Rs. 21,490. That is around the mid $300’s to mid $400’s in US dollars.