The custom ROM is also available now for the GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus range. This is the final product and runs on Android jelly bean 4.2.2. This ROM is the most customizable ROM out there and is based off of the AOKP. It was made available for a few devices and has become a favorite among Nexus users.

Attempting to use this how to guide on any other device other than the Nexus is strictly prohibited. This is for your own good and not ours. Guides or the most part is very case sensitive and can only be used for the specific one it is issued for. Trying to follow this for another handset that it is not labelled for could result in the bricking of it. This is the worst thing can could happen.

Other possible reasons for bricking include it not making through the entire guide and turning off. This is the reason why we always want to make sure our batteries don’t run out. Most tutorials don’t go for any more than 30 minutes, but keep in mind that the screen will most likely be turned on for this time so you can expect faster draining times.

This guide is given on the assumption that users already have root access. By giving your device access of this nature, you will no longer have any working warranty. This is something to think about if you went to the trouble of paying for one in the first place. In most cases there is no refund for this. The choices you have are waiting it out until it’s finished, because most are running on a time frame, or to get rid of the root access later on to do the warranty work again. Many people don’t get these and they just pay for the handset instead. If you fall into that category instead, then you have no need to worry because you’re not losing anything. Still, the same thing will apply to you in terms of you can take it off again. In fact, if you were to upgrade your firmware it would be taken off automatically. That normally isn’t much if an issue because you won’t be getting updates arriving into your settings anymore. To do this you would have to get it manually, which should have you more than aware of what you are doing. In the odd case that you didn’t know, well now you do!

Most people doing this kind of thing are advanced users, but even the simplest of things can cause havoc to the best of us. One tip you never want to forget is that security programs such as antivirus and anti-malware can create a problem for what we are trying to do here. Even firewalls are another thing to add to the list. If it has anything to do with security, disable it for the time being.

This can be installed directly to the mobile instead of having to connect it to the PC. There is no need to adjust any settings for this. However, if you were looking to do so you could do it from menu -> settings -> developer options.

Don’t forget to back everything up. Sometimes we just advise this and other times it is mandatory. This is one of those times where you will need to do it. When we perform the wipes in the guides everything will be cleared. The only way you can possibly restore this is from the backup copy you should have done before starting so do that now. You can use the internal storage known as the Micro SD card for that. To save it to the computer you will also need to purchase the SD card reader. This lets the PC see what is on the card. Once that comes up on the screen, then you can transfer the file to a new fresh folder. Keep it in here for safe keeping until you need it. When you want to put the data back onto the phone, simply click and drag it over to the handset’s storage again. To do this you will need to plug it in first.


How to install it:

1. Download the package from the link above, as well as Google Gapps.

2. Boot the phone into recovery mode.

2. Clear the usual caches. This involves clearing the davlik cache and then performing the standard Wipe data/cache option.

3. Install the ROM and Gapps onto the mobile.

4. Boot it up in the ROM.

5. Sign in and wait for market apps to finish installing.

6. Reboot the phone again.

It comes with a warning not to use titanium to restore data on this ROM. If you are going to use titanium, then use it for games only. If you have already used it, then simply re-install the ROM again and start over. The reason being is because it is known to develop bugs if you use it.

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