Apple today released iOS 6.0.1 to the public with an array of bug fixes and updates, but following in the footsteps of Google and Microsoft, one release or update just wasn’t enough. Today they also officially released Beta 1 to developers. Where there is a release, a Jailbreak is never far behind and there has been no exception to this rule thanks to the iPhone Dev Team. Today we received tethered Jailbreaks for both iOS 6.1 Beta 1 and iOS 6.0.1. If you’re a developer and have access to the new Beta, follow the guide below to Jailbreak it. Keep in mind that at this stage it is a Tethered Jailbreak and as such will require you to be connected to your PC each time you reboot or switch your device back on.

Please note: This guide is compatible with the following devices:

iPhone 4.

iPhone 3GS.

iPod Touch 4th Gen.

Also if your iPhone is reliant on a carrier unlock it is recommended that you do not proceed with the Jailbreak.

The guide:

Before starting the guide, you will need to upgrade to iOS 6.1 if you haven’t already. To get this done, simply follow the guide in the link provided.

Step 1. Connect your device to your PC via USB.

Step 2. You will need to first ensure you have the updated your device to the iOS 6.1 Beta 1. You can download it from the iOS Dev center.

Step 3. Once your device is up to date you will need to download Redsn0w 0.9.15b3:

Step 4. Launch and run Redsn0w.

Step 5. Select the ‘Extras’ then ‘Select IPSW’ options before manually pointing it toward the iOS 6 file of the particular device you want to Jailbreak (this is not the latest iOS 6.1 Beta 1 file). Your device will be identified by Redsn0w then you can select ‘Back’ to take you to the Redsn0w home screen.

Step 6. Select the ‘Jailbreak’ then ‘Cydia’ options. You will be presented with onscreen instructions advising you to place your device in DFU mode.

Step 7. Redsn0w will complete the Jailbreaking process and then you can select ‘Autoboot this device when it connects in DFU mode’. Your device will be Jailbroken in tethered mode.

Keep in mind that it is a tethered Jailbreak and as such you will need to launch Redsn0w and select ‘boot tethered’ each time you switch on or reboot your device.