When it comes to Jailbroken iDevices we automatically think of the Cydia Store for all our Application downloading needs. However, it looks as though a new Web-based competitor is about to emerge and it goes by the catchy little name of iTweak Store .

There is no denying that Cydia has adequately delivered freedom to iDevice users throughout the past few years. The fact of the mater is, it is one of the few platforms available for developers to deliver their downloads, tweaks and sales from. Of course, developers have the option of hosting the file themselves, but this can be a costly alternative due to the incredible commercial following Cydia already has.


So why introduce a new player into the mix? Well a little bit of competition never hurt anyone. The iTweak Store may provide a breath of fresh air for some users who have experienced issues with Cydia as well as ramp up the need for user satisfaction.

The new shop will offer applications and tweaks for Jailbroken iDevices but it will be purely web-based, allowing users to download hosted packages straight to their iDevice. Users will be able to navigate to updated packages directly from the iTweak home page. There is limited information on the new store at this time, but the developers, known as @roktheworld27 and @mtamermahoney, have posted the following on the homepage:

“Welcome to iTweak! iTweak is one of the best places to get all of your Tweaks, Themes, Utilities and more on your jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad! We serve as an alternative to Cydia, and the Apple App Store. For more information on multiple different topics, such as security information, our Mac and PC clients, or how to use iTweak, please tap ‘More Information’ below.”

The most pressing challenge the store faces, is getting developers on board to list their packages. But only time will tell if the new home will sink or swim, we are hoping for the latter.

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