Is the span of the last 24 hours we have seen two smaller companies inside of mobile space patent names that suggest we are heading into some kind of a pad-phone era, or at least that’s where these two guys are going to try and take us anyway.

The two companies in question are Huawei and Asus. In the United States names have been trademarked. One of them is “PhoPad” and the other is “Padfone”. Fone is another way of saying phone, but in slang terms. It’s not yet understood if that is because the original way of spelling it is already taken by someone else, or if they’ve actually preferred this way of spelling it for now because of branding purposes.

The Asus variant offers resolution of 1080 x 1920 with a quad-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 of raw power under the bonnet. The Asus one has a mobile clipped into the back of a pad which is hardly a new device. However, it’s the Huawei product that makes things interesting. As time has gone on they have managed to extend the size of their range bit by bit. They have nothing currently in the lineup where a tablet and Smartphone join up, and there has been no talk of one yet either.

All will most likely be revealed during CES of 2014. That takes place in early January so there isn’t long to wait. They like to kick things off straight away at the start of the year so then we know what is to be expected for the remainder of it.