On the 2nd of October we wrote about a iMessage bug where users who had upgrade to the iOS 7 where experiencing technical difficulties with the messaging service. We then gave you a detailed workaround method which let users fix this problem.

While that guide can still be used at any time because it will work, Apple has decided to push out another firmware release which will be purposely for that very reason: to fix the iMessaging app issue.

If you have corresponded with your friends via the iPhone text app and have encountered some struggles, it could be this bug that is the problem. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re just experiencing bad service and it won’t go through, or if it is the bug. For this particular instance, it most likely will be the latter scenario.

Some of the symptoms include:

  • Messages getting stuck.
  • Taking a long time to make it to the destination.
  • In some cases, reports of people receiving them several hours down the track.
  • Intermittent texting capabilities.
  • The bug is known by Apple affecting roughly ten percent of all of its users.

There has been no date given in regards of when users can expect the next update. So far we have seen 2 updates already in as many weeks. However, that does not mean that Apple isn’t capable of dishing out another in a timely fashion, especially if it is only for this one reason.

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