The Evasi0n jailbreak is finally out, not as predicted on Superbowl Sunday, but the day after that. The iOS 6.x Jailbreak have been a long time to come, and many jailbreakers have been anxiously waiting on the lead up over the last few hours. Thankfully the Evasi0n tool won’t take any longer than five minutes to use and get your devices into an iOS 6 untethered jailbroken state.

Requirements for Evasi0n:

Using Evasi0n shouldn’t take any longer than five minutes. As discussed in my latest post about the Evasi0n tool being explained, you can use either Windows, Mac or Linux to jailbreak your devices. However, if using Windows, make sure you are using at least Windows XP. If you are utilizing Mac, make sure it is at least Mac 10.5, and if using Linux it needs to be (x86 / x86_64) for the Evasi0n tool to work.

Once you have that out-of-the-way, there isn’t much else to worry about here. The developers tested the Evasi0n tool and will work on all iOS devices, including all iPhones, iPad, and iPod touch variants running IOS 6 through to IOS 6.1.

 Important notes:

– As with all tutorials, please make sure you back up your data using iTunes or iCloud before using this tool. The Evasi0n team has issued warnings stating the same thing.

– Something important to note is you must disable the lock passcode before using Evasi0n. The Evasi0n team has said that the passcode can cause issues with the Jailbreak.

– Last but not least, wait patiently while Evasi0n is jailbreaking your device. Don’t play with iTunes or Xcode until the Evasi0n process is complete or else it could cause damage.

– Compatible with all iPhones, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini prototypes flowing IOS 6.0 through 6.1

 How to Jailbreak iOS 6 Untethered using the Evasi0n tool:

Step 1. Download Evasi0n for Mac, Windows and Linux depend on which OS you are using.

The program is so great that it will walk you through everything else. We recommend doing a factory restore of your current firmware through iTunes to avoid any problems. If you have done it over the air, then this could be an issue. Now the tool will tell you what to click and when. It takes a while to complete, but not too long. If you see it just sitting there, you will need to understand what it is demanding of you again because chances are this is when it’s telling you to unlock your iPhone. That’s a minor mistake I made when using it for the first time. If I had of read the screen properly I would end about 20 minutes sooner.