The Galaxy Mega is the big foot in the Samsung Galaxy range. It’s so big it kind of looks like a phablet. We all know they’re no stranger to making big devices, just looks at what happened when the S3 came around, but this one is even bigger than that. From there, they have many numbers and models. This update is specifically for the 6.3 version of them. The number is also what size it is, so if you don’t know yours, simply pull out the ruler and take a look.

The Galaxy Mega 6.3 USB drivers will be needed, and more importantly, the one’s that are up to date and not older. Having older drivers is as bad as not having any at all, or even worse because you think that they are fine and then wonder what the problem is. In most cases, this is by far-and-away one of the most common mishaps.

Use the internal storage of the computer to back up the data. It’s possible you could lose everything on your phone, but if you managed to back up, then you can keep all the things that would have previously been lost.

Security is a popular thing to use for anything that is bigger than the standard mobile phone, because we tend to use them more for surfing the web than just making calls. If you have any type of antivirus running it needs to turn off for now. Don’t enable it again until after we have finished. The same is said for the anti-virus sitting on your computer. Once we make the connection, it can also cause interference with the phablet.

Having USB debugging mode enabled from the Developer Options menu inside the Settings application. From the settings app you can then go to More followed by Development. Inside the new menu here will be the USB Debugging.

Following this will make you lose customization, including root.

You shouldn’t lose data or information by following this guide. Stranger things have happened, though, so we always recommend a backup before continuing. Make copies of the phone contacts, SMS and MMS texts with SMS Backup, pictures, music, video files and all other personal data.

How to Install the official Android 4.2.2 XXUAMF1 Jelly Bean on the Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200

1. Download the Android 4.2.2 I9200XXUAMF1 firmware

Now download ODIN v3.07.

Extract both to a place which you feel comfortable being able to find them. The desktop is always easiest, then just delete it afterwards.

2. Switch off the mobile and power it back up in download mode.

3. Run the ODIN, which you installed and plug the Mega into the computer via USB.

4. Now we have to fetch out files from the other file we downloaded and upload it into the Odin app by placing them inside of their respective buttons.

Check the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options, like it is shown here. You may notice a box that also says re-partition. Only use this if you found the pit file.

5. Click start.

The Mega is a new device and because of that there is talk of some people not managing to complete this task all that smoothly. These tasks will have just about all the problems anyone will ever face, solved.

The drivers would have to be the most common cause for concern. If these are not correct the process will fail. The official websites, plus many others, can give you links to get it sorted out. It may be you have the wrong one’s, or the one’s that you have simply need to update. Once you have that sorted you should be good to go.

The second most common reason for a trip-up would be the boot loop getting stuck. This will mean your Galaxy Mega will start to boot up as it normally would, but it won’t ever get to load. Instead, it will reboot itself again and be stuck in this continuous loop driving you and your device made. This, plus anything of the sort, is always resolved by entering the recovery mode. It is much like if you were to enter the safe mode on a Windows PC. From inside these areas we have access to an untouched operating system allowing us to do some work and fix whatever the problem was. We won’t normally have access to do this is we were to stay in the normal mode because that’s where the problem lies, and we can’t get past it no matter how tech savvy we might be.

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