The 4.1.2 Jelly Bean may seem a bit old, but it is the latest official firmware that is available for the galaxy Grand Duos I9082. If you want the latest, there are several ways to get it. The first most common way is to download it over the air. This doesn’t happen for everyone though, and it can also take several weeks to end up in your settings. Another way to do it is to download it via Samsung KIES. If neither of those opportunities tickles your fancy then you can install it manually by following this guide. It will only take a few minutes.

This is a new mobile which launched back in January of 2013. It came in two different versions. The Duos version basically means that it is a dual SIM device. It comes in both blue and white for color choice.

This guide requires the use of ODIN, which has been typically designed for the use on Windows PC.

The Grand is one of the handsets that doesn’t matter whether the phone’s unlocked or locked to a certain phone carrier. It should still work fine for you with the installation. Many are not always so lucky so it’s best to check this before you go any further. If you are using another site’s material then you should leave a comment asking for the information if it is not posted within the guide itself. We too are often guilty of doing such a thing, and for that reason, we certainly welcome all comments and questions. I will try to reply as quickly and promptly as possible. Due to the possible time differences and the odd chance of me being asleep when this request comes in, it may take some time for the reply. In general, however, if usually doing exactly this when awake!

Drivers are a must have. Often they can already be installed without you realizing, because you have used the device before when plugged in. But if you don’t have them then this won’t allow your device to communicate with the computer. Most, if not all, official websites will give you the access you need to get your hands on this sort of thing.

Take a look and see if your Duos has a USB debugging mode enabled. Settings, More > Development Options > will have you sitting on the screen that has this written. More often than not it will be with a box. When that box has a line through it, it means it will be on. It needs should have this mark before you continue.

Update The Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I9082 To XXAMF7 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware

1. Download the Android 4.1.2 I9082XXAMF7 firmware.

1.2. ODIN must also be downloaded. Extract the files once done.

2. With your finger press down and keep down the power, volume down and home options all at the same time. This will enter you into an operation known as download mode.

3. Run the ODIN and connect the mobile to the PC via USB.

4. Now from the other file you extracted you will need to fetch out the contents and put it as follows:

When we open Odin it will always be on display with the same settings applied. This is known as default settings. For this time around we can afford to leave them exactly how they are.

Check the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options as the picture above shows it. Only has the re-partition marked if you found one and used it.

5. Click start.

The full process isn’t a quick one so don’t get worried about it. It is normal for it to take some time before it finishes.

Don’t disconnect anything until it’s completed. On the occasion that you did manage to disrupt the process it will most likely need to do all over again. Not a huge problem if you have managed to run through the process once already.

Didn’t unplug anything, but it didn’t seem to have worked the way it should have? Chances are this is due to a sensitive cache. All of the handsets allow for caching to get dumped. This is most likely what is happening if you get this issue.

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