If you are not interested in installing a custom ROM on the Google Nexus 4 smartphone for getting in on the better battery life and better hardware performance, you might be interested in getting in on some of the better features. While the competition between third-party developers and Android’s very own isn’t exactly ripe, there is enough evidence to suggest that the Android developer would struggle to match what we see done by the custom ROM developers. That means there are many great features for you to choose from on a custom ROM and plenty that you do not get from the stock ROM.

Android developers can only decide to bloat a stock ROM so much which usually means they need to compromise on some features, so the ROM isn’t too dark. Custom ROM developers who are developing something to a secondary audience can tweak the features to suit better a person needs much like Samsung tweak its range of devices to make sense for a more niche market compared to Apple. That means if you are not getting what you want out of the stock ROM, you should check out what custom ROMs are on offer and see if there is one that is more catered toward your needs.

Turbo ROM

Files You Need

  • Download the Turbo custom ROM file for the Nexus 4 smartphone from here.
  • You must have a custom recovery installed on the Google Nexus 4 smartphone before you can follow this guide and install a custom ROM on the device.
  • You will need to root the Google Nexus 4 phone before you can follow this guide to install the Turbo custom ROM on the handset or else it will not work.

The guide to install the Turbo ROM on your Nexus 4 smartphone is written with TWRP in mind for the custom recovery and not one of the other custom recoveries like ClockworkMod Recovery. Irrespective of your custom recovery of choice, the guide will still make sense for you all. However, the wording on the buttons will slightly vary so you’ll need to look for what button from your recovery makes the most sense in comparison. A custom recovery nearly always has different names on its buttons so that it is unique and you can tell them apart. However, it also has buttons they do the same function which is why you can follow this guide using any custom recovery that you might have installed so long as it allows you to upload your zip files.

Note that installing a custom ROM on the Google Nexus 4 smartphone is always going to void the warranty, as is rooting, installing a custom recovery and unlocking a bootloader. You will need to rid your device of all these customizations if you are to get the warranty working again in most cases.
Google Nexus 4

Installing the Turbo custom ROM on the Google Nexus 4 smartphone

  1. Download the Turbo ROM file from the files section above and have it waiting on the desktop of a computer.
  2. Connect the Google Nexus 4 smartphone to the desktop computer with the UB cable that you usually use to charge the battery on the device.
  3. Copy the Turbo custom ROM file over to the internal storage SD card on the device and then unplug your smartphone from the computer once you have it on the SD card.
  4. Turn off the Nexus 4 smartphone by pressing the Power button and selecting the option to switch it off and then reboot it by holding the hardware button combination for the recovery mode.
  5. From within your custom recovery environment, choose the option to “Install: from the menu and then browse the SD card for the Turbo ROM zip file that you copied there earlier on the computer.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the custom ROM file and then choose the option to reboot the Android system from the main recovery menu.

In conclusion, that is how to install the Turbo custom ROM on the Google Nexus 4 smartphone so you can replace the stock ROM with a better custom ROM that you preferred. The smartphone will now reboot away from the recovery partition and then boot the normal mode how you usually use the device. It is then you will see your new Turbo ROM overriding your stock ROM. You can always choose to flash the stock ROM back on your Nexus 4 smartphones should you ever wish to get that done, but the way you flash a custom ROM, and a stock ROM is different, so you will need to find the right guide for flashing stock ROMs on your device.