A custom recovery is essential if you want to explore with custom ROMs. You can only flash zip files using a custom recovery since the stock version of recovery that comes with Android doesn’t come with any feature that let’s us upload files. You can only assume that’s by Android design because we would be up to no good all the time.

Now that we have that underway, the next thing you should know is that there are three main custom recovery images to install. The most famous two are the ClockworkMod recovery (CWM) and the TWRP recovery made by Team Win. The third you need to know about is Philz Touch recovery. Philz touch is similar to ClockworkMod, only it comes with the touch feature,similar to what TWRP has. It’s primarily for those who love staying with CWM, but enjoyed what TWRP has to offer with the touch system.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

The following guide teaches you how to install Philz Touch recovery on the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102. You should know not to follow the guide and install the recovery image on any other device. You might brick the device if you do that.

We are flashing the file through Odin today, which means you’ll need to use a Windows PC or notebook. You won’t get Odin working on a Surface tablet since they require dedicated apps from the Microsoft App Store. Furthermore, you probably don’t need to backup the device this time since installing a custom recovery image is less likely to get stuck in a boot loop or show any signs of a soft brick situation. Still, we would be mad not to at least tell people it’s a great idea to back up beforehand. try using apps from Google Play like Helium to back up your data.

The files you need:

  • Download the Philz Touch recovery from this page.
  • Download Odin version 3.07 from our servers here. If that version isn’t available from the links, try getting Odin 3.09.

Installing the Philz Touch recovery on the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102

  1. Extract both files from above (the custom recovery and the Odin tool) on the desktop.
  2. Now that you have the files unzipped, run the Odin tool so you have it already open and waiting.
  3. Power down the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 all the way by holding the Power button in for at least ten seconds.
  4. Now hold the Home + Power + Volume Down keys at the same time and you’ll be in download mode. You might need to press Volume Up from the warning screen.
  5. Find the USB cable you use for charging and connect the Galaxy Grand to the computer.
  6. Look in Odin and click the AP or PDA button. The name can vary depending on your version of Odin.
  7. Browse the computer for the Philz Touch recovery file, making sure you did unzip it first.
  8. Click the Start button in Odin and wait for the tool to finish flashing the custom recovery.
  9. Once it’s complete, you’ll get the pass message on the display and you can disconnect from the computer.

The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 smartphone with the SM-G7102 model number now has the custom recovery image installed on it. You should have no worries pressing the same hardware key combination for the stock recovery and getting the custom recovery to boot up that way. Those of you who are rooted already can also head over to the Google Play Store and download the Quick Boot application. The Quick Boot application offers a way of getting into the custom recovery without you having to remember any hardware key combinations.

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