Here’s the guide for learning how to root the Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro GT-I8552. We will also be flashing a custom recovery image during the guide which will help you flash custom ROMs. The stock recovery is nice, but you cannot flash zip files from a stock recovery. A custom recovery has many features, but the one that’s most important for new ROMs is the feature that lets us upload zip files. You do need a computer for the guide. Apart from that, you can get all the files you need after the drop.

Of course, this new rooting method only works for the Grand Quattro with model number GT-I8552. Attempting to install the files below on a different model number will probably result in a soft-brick situation. If that does happen to you, you should find the recovery mode by pressing the Volume Up + Home + Power and select wipe data/factory reset from the menu. Applying the factory reset, otherwise known as a hard reset, will get you back in normal mode without any boot loops. If you are still finding your device is not working properly, try heading over to the Sam Mobile website and download an official Android firmware build for your device. Now open Odin once again and flash that firmware build. Now your device will be running new software.

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Samsung Galaxy GT-I8552

A windows computer must be used and you’ll need to have the USB cable that it comes with out of the box. A replacement USB cable that you know works for charging will also do the job. You can use a Windows notebook, but you might struggle getting Odin to work for one of the Surface tablets due to the Surface operating system not allowing the loading of usual files. Normally everything has to be downloaded from the Windows app store.

Also, is best to take a backup of the data you currently have on the Samsung smartphone. That way, even if you do not like the results of the rooting Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro tutorial, you can still take the factory reset and restore your data afterwards.

Correspondingly, bottom line, installing the custom recovery and rooting the Samsung GT-I8552 mobile will void the warranty. It’s not an official operation that Google or your OEM permits. Missing out on warranty opportunists means you cannot send the device away for free repairs if you get stuck in a brick situation. nevertheless, you will have people who are willing to help you if you point to the XDA Developers forums.

Note: some people know this device as the Samsung Galaxy Win Duos. You can use this guide to root the Galaxy Win Duos. It’s exactly the same device.

Update: the old method with CWM and Odin no longer works with the new software updates. However, we have a new working method that should work for all firmware versions thanks to the Kingo Root tool.

The file you need:

  • Download the Kingo rooting tool from this link.
  • You can only use this file on a Windows computer.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro I8552

  • Unzip the file on your Windows PC and run the Kingo tool.
  • Connect the Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro to the same computer where you have the Kingo tool running.
  • There’s no need to worry about drivers at this stage, since Kingo will take over and install those for you automatically once it detects your device.
  • Click the ‘Root’ button in orange on the main display from the Kingo tool.
  • Do not touch any buttons or use the computer until the program finishes rooting your device due to the seriousness of the operation.
  • Click the ‘finish’ button on the display when it finishes with your Sammy device.
  • The Quattro will now automatically reboot. After it’s done, you now have root access and can think about installing a custom recovery.

Installing ClockworkMod recovery (CWM):

  1. Download the CWM recovery file you need from here.
  2. Download the Odin tool you need from our servers here.
  3. Extract both files to the desktop of the computer. It must be a Windows computer still.
  4. Double-click and run the Odin tool after you unzip the file.
  5. Start with the Quattro turned completely off by holding the Power key for ten seconds minimum before letting go.
  6. reboot the mobile in download mode by holding the Home + Power + Volume Down keys at the same time. Now press the Volume Up key when you get to the warning screen if there is one. You should now find yourself in the download mode.
  7. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro to the computer with the USB cable.
  8. Click the AP or PDA button in Odin, depending on what button you see in your Odin version.
  9. Browse the desktop or the computer for the CWM recovery file. It must be unzipped to load.
  10. Click the start button in Odin and wait for Odin to finish flashing that custom recovery on your device.
  11. The Odin tool will say it’s passed and then you can unplug from the computer.

Now you are ready to install those custom ROMs and take NANDroid backups.

You may install the root checker app from Google Play if you want to make sure everything is working the way we intended. You should find this method works for the rest of the smartphones software updates.

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