One of the most popular reasons to install a custom ROM on the Android operating system is to remove bloatware. It’s common for our phone carrier networks to sell us a device that comes with their own carrier applications for texting, watching videos, voicemail, and so on. Furthermore, anyone buying an unlocked device can also get additional applications that let people play with apps for a stylus pen and other things that take up a good deal of memory space but are rarely ever used.

A custom ROM is a great way to remove bloatware the easy way — a way in which you don’t really have to do anything but flash the new ROM itself. It seems like a big step to take but you can rest easy in the fact that these expert developers have already chosen which apps can be removed so you don’t have to.

Mokee ROM

Mokee ROMs come to you straight out of Asia just like the Huawei smartphones. If you are using this device in the Asian regions, you might want to check out the Mokee ROM. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from installing this custom ROM on any other device in countries like the United States either — one country we know Huawei are trying to make inroads in.

The Mokee custom ROM for the Huawei Honor 4X smartphone is based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop software update. It also comes with a fix for the CPU hot-plug issue that some people are facing. One feature that makes the Mokee ROM for the honor 4X smartphone stand out above the rest is an added vibration intensity so you can vary your vibrations.

Files You Need

  • Download the Mokee ROM for the 4X smartphone from here.

The steps you will find in this guide are in reference to anyone using the TWRP Recovery as their custom recovery of choice. You can expect the steps to vary to a degree if you are using a different custom recovery that allows the uploading of zip files. Those using ClockworkMod recovery, for example, will find the wording on the buttons differs.

You must install a custom recovery on the Huawei Honor 4X smartphone before you can install this custom ROM on the device. Moreover, you’ll need to root the Huawei Honor 4X smartphone before you can use this guide.

Installing the Mokee custom ROM on the Huawei Honor 4X smartphone

  1. Download the Mokee custom ROM for the 4X smartphone from the files section above and have it waiting on the desktop of the computer.
  2. Connect the Honor 4X smartphone to the computer with the USB cable.
  3. Copy the Mokee ROM file to the internal storage SD card on your 4X smartphone and then unplug the device from the computer when it’s done.
  4. Turn off the Huawei Honor 4X smartphone and reboot to recovery mode by using the hardware button combination.
    – those struggling to get the hardware button combination to work can try installing the Quick Boot application from the Google Play Store instead.
  5. Tap on the Backup button from the main TWRP menu and continue to take the NANDroid Backup of your data.
  6. Tap on the Wipe button and continue to wipe the data and then apply the factory reset.
  7. Tap on the Install button and then follow the instructions on the display to upload your Mokee custom ROM file from the internal storage SD card.
  8. Choose the option to reboot the system once the Mokee ROM is installed and your 4X smartphone will reboot back into the normal mode.

In conclusion, that’s all you need to install the Mokee custom ROM on the Huawei Honor 4X smartphone. You should see the new Mokee ROM running as soon as your device reboots.