The Y in Galaxy Y apparently stands for young. This could be a metaphor as if to say it doesn’t quite have on its big boy pants yet. There is an element of truth to that. The young mobile is considered to be the budget phone in the Galaxy range. That’s not to say that it isn’t still a great little number though, because it is. What’s even better is, because it is a budget Phone, then that’s all the more reason to play around with it. It comes in stock with the Gingerbread ROM. This is a great classic ROM as I so often say, however, if you want to do this, that’s understandable too. Everybody wants to get a taste of a later model ROM and if it’s possible to get on your device then why not?

So how can we get it? This is possible thanks to a developer who goes by the name thedeadlycoder from over at XDA. He has made an Aura ROM which delivers the goods. The Aura ROM lets users get the ICS to feel complete. The ROM is called ICS Aura V1 and it gives you a huge list of features.

Install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich For Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Aura ROM

Before you begin: Make sure you have backed up your device because the device will be flashed. You need to have USB debugging enabled. The device needs to be already rooted. The phone should already have ClockworkMod installed also. Lastly, make sure it is the correct variant of the Galaxy Y you are using. This is the number 1 error people make.

This procedure has been known to give people grief. Hopefully, you know what you are doing. There is one thing you will want to absolutely make sure of before you begin and that is that you have enough battery. The general rule is around 70 to 80%. However, with this one just charge the thing completely. You don’t want to be taking any extra risks you don’t need to in an already sketchy event.

We have searched around for the best possible way to go about this installation guide, including searching through comments about people’s issues and how to combat them. Make no mistake about this one, people have reported issues with it. Others have also reported great success. Proceed at your own risk. If you don’t want to take that risk our advice is don’t try it. ConsumingTech will not be held responsible for any loss of data or even worse results such as bricking your device. If you do develop a shaky device, you want to put it in recovery mode and restore the device. This will fix those issues. To put the device into recovery mode press and hold the power button + volume up button + Home button ). OK, here we go!

Step 1. Download this ICS_Aura_V1 zip.

Step 2. With the USB cable supplied, connect the mobile to the Windows PC. (There is no word on this matter, however, I’m assuming try and use the later OS as possible). If you have the option of using Windows 7 instead of XP then do it.

Step 3. Now transfer the Aura zip you downloaded earlier and place it onto the Galaxy Y’s SD card.

Step 4. Power down the mobile.

Step 5. Boot the device up into recovery mode, as I explained in the disclaimer. Press and hold the power button + volume up button + home button. This will bring up a warning screen. This is fine. Now we want to press the power button + volume up to get the Galaxy Y into recovery mode.

Step 6. Navigate to install from SD card from inside recovery.

Step 7. Grab the Aura ROM file that you previously transferred.

Step 8. Wait patiently for the download to complete. When it is finished navigate back to the main menu in recovery and select the reboot now option. Upon reboot, your device’s life hangs in the balance!

Many of the problems people experience are from the ROM file itself. Not with the procedure. If you notice any symptoms with your device such as continuous restarting, error messages, or shaky screens, make sure you put the device into recovery mode and restore it.