The iExpander iPhone case is a Kickstarter project that has very nearly reached its target goal price of $125,000, so it will almost get the go ahead. Iexpander manages to pack in extra battery life, better flash for the iPhone camera and a micro SD card slot, making the iPhone more powerful product than it already is and eliminating a few common problems many want to avoid if they can.

The downside to it is that – as you can see in the image – the project is a bulky one so it may not be an item you want regularly attached to your iPhone, but then again I’m not sure it’s intended to be. A typical response to the bulkiness is that for an extra battery life alone, many would be happy to conceive some width with their devices. The iExpander isn’t for everyone, but it should manage to pull many enthusiasts to become a successful product once released on the market.

The common occurrence for not only Apple products but for technology, in general, is to make things as good-looking and as small as possible while still packing the same punch as a device. This notion would satisfy most users, but of course, there are still many users out there that are willing to give up on the looks if it means having a design with an extra battery. It’s because of this that this cool gadget of 2012 created for all of those extra people in mind.

While it is thick, it manages to cram a lot in the area, making it seem not so thick after all. Inside the case, you will find a CAP-XX supercapacitor which powers up its LED flash camera, making your low-light photography a breeze.

Next, you will discover a MicroSD card slot which takes 64 GB along with an app that allows its users to take video footage share photos and other Apple goodies.

On top of all this, there’s an entire extra battery crammed inside the device case giving your iPhone double the battery life.

Many people found the connector in the iPhone 5 to be somewhat of a problem, so the gizmo also has a new 30-Pin Connector to cut any problems of existence.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a kick-starter project, and while it is close to its end, it’s not quite there yet. So, if this case is something you’re interested in, and you would like to help make it happen all donations of $75 are still being accepted for the next seven days.

There have been lots of chit-chat around the web about this project having to need a jailbroken iPhone because of the misconception that to add external storage and a second battery just wouldn’t be possible without a Jailbreak. However, this is just a myth and is not true at all. It has every intention of working without a Jailbreak being required by its users.

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