Android was developed both by Google and Open Handset Alliance. According to research conducted by the respected research company “The Nielsen Company” in the year 2010, Android is now among the top used OS in the United States of America. Both Blackberry RIM and Apple’s OS are competing hard for the second place with Android being the clear winner. Android is now present in almost all of the smartphones being manufactured has become the dominating force due to its features of hardware diversity and the Open Handset Alliance.

Android also lets its users download and use apps from its app market called Google Play. This market has categories and other tabs that can help you to navigate through millions of apps easily. These are:

  • Top Paid
  • Top Free
  • Featured
  • Trending

Categories that help in making classifications according to their genre and use.

To use Google Play you first need to open the app from your Smartphone. Once you have opened it, search the desired game or app that you wish to download from the app market. That can be easily done by typing the name of the app on the search field. If you happen to be finding an app just out of curiosity, or a friend or colleague recommended it, and you have forgotten the name of that app then you can type in a part of the name.

Like Search engines, Google Play will also show you the most relevant apps to the typed words. Once you have gotten the result of your query, press on the icons of apps shown to read their reviews and what they are about. Free apps will show you the download tab which when you click will show you the “accept and download” tab which will start your download.

For downloading apps that are not free, the procedure is not that different. You will be searching for the apps and games in the same manner as you did with the free ones. But once you wish to download your desired app, you will be prompted to use your Google Checkout account. For having a Google checkout the account, you need to visit the Google Checkout the account and get registered with your credit card number.

Once your registration is completed, you will easily be able to download the paid apps. You are prompted to give your password one more time when you start downloading it. That is a security check to protect your credit card form misuse in case of stolen mobiles.

Sometimes many smartphones that have Android operating systems don’t have the Google Play app. For that reason, you need to contact the shop where you bought your mobile to get you an Android update or contact your service provider to help with it. Always remember in case of paid apps to read the reviews and the screen shots of the apps. Doing that will assist you in reducing the chances of frustrations and losing money on apps that are not worth it.

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