One of the many reasons why a user may want to unroot his device is because he’s messed-up his device with tons of customization’s and there’s no way for him to get it back to the original state without unrooting the device.

Unrooting restores the stock ROM on the device and helps you get the pure version of Android, without any customization’s, on your device.

Walton Primo E2

Here’s how you can unroot your Walton Primo E2 and get it back to stock:

Files You Need

1. This tutorial should flash the stock ROM on your Walton Primo E2. It should erase all the data stored on your device, so make sure to back up any files you think you will need.

2. Download SP Flash Tool to your computer. It’ll be used to install the stock ROM on your device.

3. Download the Stock ROM for your device to your computer. It contains everything you need to run your device.

Unrooting the Walton Primo E2

1. The first step is to extract files from the downloaded archives. To do that, right-click on both SP Flash Tool and Stock ROM one by one and select Extract here. It’ll extract the files to your computer for you.

2. Double-click on SP Flash Tool executable and it will launch.

3. Click on Scatter-loading button in the app and select the Scatter file that has come with the stock ROM. It’s one of the files you extracted from the archive.

4. Click on Download button in the tool.

5. Now, turn off your device.

6. Pull the battery out of your device. Don’t put it back in until the tutorial is done.

7. Connect your phone to your computer holding down Volume DOWN.

8. The tool will automatically start the flashing process for you.

9. When the ROM has been installed, reboot your device.

10. And you’re done.

Awesome! Your Walton Primo E2 should now be back to the stock ROM running everything that is provided by the manufacturer.