If you’re done playing around with root-requiring apps on your Samsung Galaxy A3, you might want to unroot your device. What’s the use of being rooted when you don’t use the root-access? Well, unrooting the said device is as easy as pie. Just flash back the stock ROM on your device and you’ll be unrooted. Here’s how you can do that:

Samsung Galaxy A3

Files You Need

1. If you don’t already have, install the Samsung USB Drivers on your computer. Your computer will need these drivers to detect your phone.

2. Download the Stock ROM for your Samsung Galaxy A3 to your computer. It’s the entire OS that will run on your phone.

3. Download Odin to your computer. It will be used to flash the stock ROM on your device.

4. You should only try this on a SM-A300F device.

Unrooting the Samsung Galaxy A3 (1GB RAM variant)

1. The first step towards unrooting your device is to get the actual files extracted from the downloaded archives. To do that, right-click on both the archives you have downloaded and select Extract here. It’ll extract the files to your computer.

2. Launch Odin by double-clicking on its executable file that you extracted from one of the archives in the previous step.

3. Click on PDA and choose the Stock ROM file that you just extracted from the archive.

4. Uncheck Repartition in the Odin. You don’t need it to be checkmarked to flash the ROM.

5. You can, however, checkmark the boxes that say Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time.

6. Power off your device.

7. Power your device back on by holding down Volume DOWN+Home+Power buttons at the same time.

8. Hit Volume UP when you’re prompted and you should enter download mode on your device.

9. Plug in your phone to your computer using a USB cable.

10. Click on Start in the Odin and wait for it to flash the stock ROM on your device.

11. Once the ROM is flashed, your phone should automatically reboot.

12. And you’re done.

Your Samsung Galaxy A3 is now unrooted. It’s now running the official stock ROM that has been provided by its manufacturer.

The stock ROM that you have just installed on the Samsung Galaxy A3 smartphone is either the same as the one that came out of the box or one of the future updates that arrived for the device. There is no difference between the ROM that is running now that you installed manually in comparison to the ROM that you find if you installed it official over the air or already found it running on your device when you opened it out of the box. That also means that if your device does get any more official OTA releases in the future that you can expect those to continue to roll out to your device too.