Did you accidentally delete a system file on your Samsung Galaxy A3 and it’s not working properly anymore? We’ve got a solution to your problem. The best way to restore a system file is to flash the stock ROM. A stock ROM contains all the system files and apps that you need to keep your device running.

Flashing the stock ROM on the Samsung Galaxy A3 is not a big deal. You can do it even if you’re a beginner, as the entire procedure to do so is explained below for you. Just go through the steps below and you should be done. Here you go:

Samsung Galaxy A3

Files You Need

1. Your computer must have Samsung USB Drivers installed on it. If you don’t have them already, download and install them first.

2. Download the appropriate Stock ROM for your Samsung Galaxy A3 to your computer. You’ll flash it on your phone.

3. Download Odin to your computer. It’ll be used to flash the above ROM on your phone.

4. This should only be tried on a SM-A300FU device.

Unrooting the Samsung Galaxy A3 (1.5GB RAM variant)

1. Extract files from both Stock ROM and Odin by right-clicking on each of them and selecting Extract here. It’ll put the actual usable files out of the compressed archives to your computer.

2. Double-click on Odin executable and wait for it to launch.

3. When it launches, hit the button that says PDA and select Stock ROM that you downloaded earlier to be installed on your phone.

4. Uncheck Repartition if you find it to be already checked in the tool. It must be unchecked for the procedure to go well.

5. You are allowed to checkmark Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options.

6. Turn off your phone.

7. Restart your phone into download mode. You can do that by holding down Volume DOWN+Home+Power buttons at the same time.

8. Press Volume UP and you should enter the download mode on your device.

9. Plug in your phone to your computer using a USB cable.

10. Click on Start in the Odin and wait for it to flash the ROM on your device.

11. When it has done flashing the ROM, your phone will automatically reboot.

12. You’re done.

Your Samsung Galaxy A3 is now unrooted and is running the official stock ROM.