Should there be software issues on your Elephone P8000 after playing around with various custom developments, one sure-fire way to rectify those issues is to flash back the stock ROM on the phone that will remove all the customizations and put back all the default things on the phone.

If you are interested, here’s how you can go about unrooting and flashing back the stock ROM on the Elephone P8000:


Files You Need

  1. You should have rooted your phone using our how to root the Elephone P8000 tutorial.
  2. You must have a Windows running computer in order to do this tutorial. The reason is because the flashing tool that you are going to use is Windows only.
  3. You should have Flash Tool drivers installed on your Windows computer. Install them if they are not already.
  4. This should erase the data stored on your phone. So, please backup anything that you think is important for you.
  5. This should get your phone back to the stock by flashing the stock ROM.
  6. Download SP Flash Tool to your computer. You will use it to flash the ROM on your phone.
  7. Download Stock ROM to your computer. It is the whole OS for your phone.

Unrooting the Elephone P8000

  1. Extract files from both SP Flash Tool and Stock ROM over to your computer by right-clicking on each of the archives and selecting Extract here.
  2. Double-click on SP Flash Tool executable and it will launch.
  3. When the SP Flash Tool launches, click the Download tab to go into the download tab.
  4. Inside the download tab is an option called Scatter-loading. Click on it and it will let you select a scatter file to be loaded in the tool. Select the scatter file that has come with the stock ROM package.
  5. You should now see a long list of the files that will be flashed on your phone. Make sure all of them are checkmarked in order for the full ROM to be flashed on your phone.
  6. Click the Download button in the tool.
  7. Turn off your phone completely.
  8. Now, while your phone is turned off, plug it in to your computer using a compatible USB cable.
  9. As soon as you connect the phone to the computer, the tool should automatically start flashing the ROM on the phone.
  10. Wait for the tool to finish installing the ROM on your phone.
  11. When the tool’s done flashing the ROM, reboot your phone.
  12. You are now unrooted!

And there you go!

Your Elephone P8000 should now be unrooted and back to the stock ROM that contains no custom things and only stock things.

Should you ever wish to regain root access on your phone, you can do so using our root guide that is linked to from the first section of this post.

Now that you are back to the stock ROM, you will probably want to check out all the features it has to offer as I assume you are coming back to stock after a long time of playing around with custom ROMs and other custom things on your phone.

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