These are the steps to unroot the AT&T LG G4 (H810) smartphone. All AT&T smartphones come with the model number H810. There are several reasons why Google says a smartphone doesn’t come with root access out of the box.

Google says that rooting is a mistake for security ramifications. Furthermore, Google has added additional features to its stock ROMs over the years, which means you no longer need to root as much as you once did.


The Files You Need

  • Download the stock ROM for AT&T LG G4 from this page.
  • Download the LG Flash Tool from this page.
  • It’s the same flash tool that you can use for all devices from LG; however, the stock ROM is only for flashing on the AT&T variant of the LG G4. Do not flash this stock ROM on any of the other variants, such as the International G4 or the T-Mobile G4. Doing so will probably brick the device.
  • The guide works for those with a Windows PC. The Flash Tool will not run on Mac or Linux computers. Therefore, if you don’t have a Windows operating system, you cannot use this post.

Unrooting the LG G4 (AT&T Variant)

  1. Unzip the stock ROM and the LG Flash tool to the desktop of the computer.
  2. Start with the G4 turned off by long-pressing the Power button.
  3. Reboot the G4 in Download Mode: Plug the USB cable in the computer. Now hold the Volume Up button and connect the USB cable to the smartphone.
  4. You should see the executable Flash Toll file from the Flash Tool folder you unzipped earlier. Double-click that file and the tool will run on the computer.
  5. Choose ‘GSM’ for the ‘Select Type’ option. That’s since your device runs on the GSM network and not the CDMA. You can double-check your frequencies from this forum.
  6. Set the PhoneMode to ‘DIAG’.
  7. Click the ‘Select KDZ file’ and browse the computer for the Stock ROM. Remember, you must unzip that ROM file before you can upload the file.
  8. Click the ‘CSE Flash’ option.
  9. Click the ‘Start’ button.
  10. Click the ‘OK’ button from the next screen. Don’t bother selecting a country or region from the screen.
  11. Wait until the stock ROM is finished flashing on your device. Reboot the G4 like you would normally reboot the device and the root access will be wiped; and the stock ROM will be installed.

That’s all you need to do to send your LG G4 away for a free repair under warranty.

You can check the above guide worked for your G4 by downloading and installing the root checker app. We usually recommend using this app for checking you have root access. However, the app is useful for additionally checking you don’t have root access.