It’s the age old problem of pressing the send button and not being able to retrieve what you sent if you changed your mind that technology advancements haven’t seemed to be able to fix either with instant messenger applications or emails to date. There’s some amazing news out today for those of you who use Google’s Gmail and wish to do just that.

You might already know about the undo send feature in Gmail that has been developed as part of Google labs for the past couple of years. While it was available as part of the Google labs experiment, it was unreliable and regular Gmail users didn’t have access to use it. That’s all changed now with this official release.


Thanks to a new method following the guide below, people can now undo a sent email in Gmail and retrieve those mails they wish they never sent. Here’s how:


1. Open the Gmail page and click the gear icon, followed by the Settings.

2. Click the general option and scroll down the list until you see the words “undo send”.

3. You’ll now get another feature that let’s you change the time frame for which you can undo the sent email.

4. Setting the option too long could comprise your email security as others could technically cancel important emails you needed sent. Settings the option too short could result in you not having thought about the mistake you wish was never sent; thus you should choose wisely here.