The following guide teaches you how to unbrick the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone. Unbicking a Samsung smartphone is similar to unrooting; however, there are some extra steps we can take to carry out a full unbricking procedure. The similar idea between both unbricking and unrooting is flashing a stock Android ROM that’s made for the Samsung smartphone through Odin or Samsung Kies. Our guides often use the Odin tool whereas the official way to flash a firmware file is using Samsung Kies.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Flashing a stock Android ROM

If you want the hassle-free way to unbrick the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you should download Odin, followed by getting the stock ROM for your model number from Sam Mobile. All you need to do is create a Sam Mobile user account and the stock ROM will be available to download. there are other sources around the internet where you can download the stock ROM. The website ‘Samsung-Updates’ is another independent website that offers the file for free so you can download them. Once you have downloaded the stock ROM, upload it through the Odin flashing tool, click Start and it will flash to your device. It’s as easy as that!

Master Reset

Learn the steps you need to take a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 master reset. Applying a master reset can solve problem with the current ROM. All you need to do is access the recovery mode, wipe the cache partition, data and apply the reset. Just remember to backup your data before applying the master reset or else you cannot restore the same data at a later date.

Those of you who have rooted the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and installed a custom recovery can use key commands on apps to access the custom recovery mode. Likewise, those without root access on the Note 5 can enter the stock recovery mode using key commands or apps and take a factory reset that way. A factory reset and master reset are the same thing. It’s just a different way to say the operation.

In conclusion, that should help everyone unbrick the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.