The procedure is especially dedicated to the soft bricked Htc One M8. If your device is hard bricked, we can’t help you with that. You may need some technical assistance.

The process wipes away everything. So make sure that you have backed up all your important data like images, videos, contacts, call logs, files etc. You can manually do that by using an SD card or a computer. You can also back up your data using dedicated backup apps. The process utilizes the computer to which you have to install Android SDK.

HTC One M8

Temporarily disable any kind of firewall or antivirus that is protecting your PC. Before proceed, check the battery status of your device. If it is any less than 70%, plug-in the charger and charge it. You also need to enable the USB debugging option on your HTC One M8. You can do that by following this path. Settings>About Phone>Build Number. Tap on the build number option 7 to 8 times to gain Developer Rights. Go to Settings>Developer Options USB debugging.

Making A Factory Reset

Making the reset is one of the easiest solutions if your devices is behaving badly, lagging or draining too much battery. You can make a factory reset by following this path: Settings > Backup and Reset > Reset Phone. If you want to erase your SD carder too, check that box. Press okay. You device will reboot.

Another method utilizes the hardware buttons. Press and hold the Volume down button. Now, press and hold the Power button. When the image appears on your display, release them. Use the Volume rockers to navigate to the “Factory Reset” option. Press the power button to select it. Your device will reboot.

Using a hardware combination

Sometimes, you have to be a bit harsh to get good results. You can manually force your device by using a set of hardware buttons. Press and hold the Volume rockers and the Power button for about one and a half-minute (90 seconds). Your bricked device will respond in one way or another. Repeat this procedure several times to get the response from your bricked HTC One M8.

Updating  to the stock Android OS

If the above two methods don’t work for you, yopu can apply this big bad procedure that is destined to put away your misery. The most common reason for ending up with a bricked device is rooting. You root your device to an unofficial OS and it gets bricked. The best way is to downgrade it to the stock OS.

  1. Download the RUU. Choose the version that is best for your smartphone
  2. Once downlaoded, install it
  3. Once installed, fire it up
  4. Connect the PC and your HTC One M8 using the USB chord.
  5. Follow the on screen instructions and reinstall the stock Android OS.
  6. Your device will reboot
  7. Done!

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