As time goes by, Apple’s operating system, iOS, has been given more and more features. This is the natural path as the developers work out more things that are a good idea to have, but also as there becomes more to do, the inclusion of more features to counteract those tasks becomes needed.

iOS 7 has added a new feature called the “Control center”. This is a quick menu that can be accessed by performing a swipe gesture, starting from the bottom of the screen and shifting your fingers straight up. It will work from most screens unless you have applications open. It will also work from the lock screen.

Inside the Control Center has some handy things, including the brightness settings and a few applications including the torch, which is now natively built-in. For most people, this is a positive thing, but there is the odd occasion where certain users may not wish to have this running. Preventing your kids from accessing it and making changes to your iPhone would be one of them.

To adjust it, we click on the settings app. Click on the control center option. In here will be two options. One of them is so that it can work with applications running, and the other will be for the lock screen. If we swipe the lock screen option off so that it is gray and has no green showing, this will mean it is turned off. Now nobody will be able to use it unless they are in your passcode area. Now you will have no problem with your kids making any unwanted changes that you may not have permitted them to make, unless you are willfully giving them access to the iPhone.