The days are gone when you had to tell your friends what conversation is going on between you and your WhatsApp friends, as you can now just take a screenshot on your phone and send it to your friends so they can see the whole conversation without you telling them every word.

Whatever the reason is, capturing a screenshot on the Sony Xperia Z1 is as easy as pie. You just need to hold down specific buttons on your phone and the screen will be captured. There’re no third-party apps involved in the process. Here you go:

Xperia Z1

Capturing a Screenshot on the Sony Xperia Z1:

1. Open the screen on your device that you wish to be captured, your WhatsApp conversation, for example.

2. Now, press both Volume DOWN and Power buttons at the same time.

3. You should hear the camera shutter sound that indicates the screenshot has been captured and saved.

4. Open Gallery on your device and look for the folder that says Screenshots and open it. You should find your newly captured screenshot in that folder.

That’s all there is to capturing screen on your Xperia Z1.

The saved screenshot can now be sent to your friends and you can use it however you want. Cheers!

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