These are the instructions to take a screenshot on the Intex Aqua Wing smartphone.

The Intex brand is a household name after their partnership with Google during the Android One program. The Aqua Wing smartphone comes with the same options already built into the Android operating system like most other quality smartphones that are available ,such as the ability to take a screenshot.

Intex Aqua Wing

Here is how you can take screenshots of applications, webpages, pictures from your Gallery and anything that might be on your devices display:

Files You Need

  • You can take screenshots using the hardware keys on your Intex smartphone thanks to the Android operating system and its unique ability to capture a screenshot for you.
  • There are applications available from the Google Play Store that allow you to take a screenshot if you prefer using apps. Some applications come with additional features which make them appealing to many. Furthermore, an app can let you take screenshots easily if you don’t like your finger positioning using the built-in hardware keys on your device.

Taking a Screenshot on the Intex Aqua Wing

  1. Turn on your smartphone and open the webpage or image you want to capture with the screenshot.
  2. Press the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously.
  3. Wait for a second and hear the shutter sound or see the screen flicker off and back on again.
  4. Head to the Gallery app where you will find your screenshots automatically saved. Those who have not yet taken a screenshot before today will find a new Screenshots folder available. Open the Screenshots folder to view your picture.

Those preferring to use apps can download the Screenshot Ultimate application and open it from your Intex’s app drawer. Follow the prompts to take your screenshot the way the apps want you to take the picture.