Before I write this post I think it is imperative that I point out that I love my iPhone. So much so that my breathing starts to shallow when it becomes low on battery and I quite frequently sleep with it under my pillow… too much information?? There are however, certain aspects of the iPhone that drive me absolutely nuts. The main one being the inability to rotate my photos once I have transferred them onto my Windows PC. Does this look familiar?

Well boys and girls, I am very excited to announce that I have at long last found a solution to this gross injustice and it comes in the form of some fantastic software named JPEG Lossless Rotator. Better yet, the software is free so we would like to thank our friends at Anny Studio’s.  Follow the guide below to get you iPhone snaps behaving properly.

How to Rotate iPhone Photos On Windows

Step 1. First you will need to download one of the following:

Step 2. Make sure that as you a running through the installation process, you check the box marked ‘Integrate JPEG Lossless Rotator with shell’. Mine was pre-ticked but it pays to check.

Step 3. Copy your images from your iPhone to your PC.

Step 4. Now simply open up the folder and select/ highlight the picture or pictures you want to rotate.

Step 5. Then right-click and you will be presented with some new options. Select‘Lossless Rotate right’ or ‘Lossless rotate left’.

Congratulations, you should now have your image or images around the right way and ready to go. Thank goodness!