If you’re a big fan of shooter games on your iOS device then you will love Apache Overkill. This arcade-style shoot-em-up game will keep you entertained for hours blowing up tanks, choppers, jets, and trucks as you work your way through the 99 levels to become all-time’s greatest Apache pilot.

The scrolling gameplay will keep you on your toes as you endeavor to blow away all who oppose you whilst building up your bonus multiplier. This increases each time you take out one of the enemy choppers during a wave and will see you hitting big digit’s on the scoreboard the longer you hold onto it. There is also a bevy of power-ups, upgrades, and ‘supply drops,’ which you privy to after you have proven you can keep yourself alive.

Apache Overkill contains a leader board and you can even keep up to date with your friend’s latest achievements and scores through a fully integrated game center. But getting to the top of the leader board is no easy feat, you will need to master the score multiplier for this.

MiniClip.com, the game developers, has also brought us hours of entertainment with apps such as Fragger, iStunt 2, and Gravity Guy. This game isn’t an entirely new concept, and there has been a PC version of it around for some time, which users can play at MiniClip.com for free. There are some distinct variations between the two platforms, but the idea remains the same — kill everything and kill it quick. If you’re in the habit of getting addicted to games on your iOS device then this is definitely the game for you. It will get you hooked and there is a good chance you won’t put it down again until you have mastered the 99 levels.

The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 3.1.2 or later. Follow the link below to download it from the iTunes store for a very reasonable $0.99.

Download: Apache Overkill For iOS