Having full system access on your ZTE smartphone is the only way you can install the best apps on the Google Play Store. Many of the best apps require access to the root file system to work and without it we cannot download those apps. The problem is Google locks away the operating system of Android so we cannot have full system access unless we follow a guide to root our devices.

The only reason they do this is because many people who buy these smartphones are not tech savvy and they wouldn’t know how to spot malware. With root access, our devices are easier for malware to attack other apps because they can read all apps on your device easier. When we do not have root access each app is uniquely operated and isolated and thus making it impossible for malware to spread.


The Files You Need

  1. Download the KingRoot one click rooting tool that root nearly all Android devices from the XDA Developers thread here.

Rooting the ZTE Q507T Smartphone

  1. Download the KingRoot app directly to your computer and have it on the desktop.
  2. Enable the Unknown Sources on your ZTE smartphone by heading over to the menu > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  3. Connect the ZTE phone to the computer using the USB cable.
  4. Transfer that KingRoot APK file over to the devices internal storage SD card and make sure it’s on the root of that SD card.
  5. Unplug the ZTE device from the computer once the file is transferred.
  6. Install that KingRoot APK on your device so it’s now an app.
  7. Check out the best file managers for Android if you want to do that with the help from a file manager.
  8. Tap and open the KingRoot app from your devices app drawer.
  9. Tap the Root button in the front page of the app and it will try rooting your device.
  10. Wait until the progress bar gets to the 100% mark and you should see a success message on the Q507T devices display.
  11. Reboot your device when it’s done.
  12. You can start installing any app from the Google Play Store that you couldn’t install before. You might want to kick things off with the root checker app just to make sure it did work.